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12.01.2017 - 12.11.2017

"THE STORY I'D LIKE TO TELL" a visual diary from photographer Anat Parnass.

ARTIST RECEPTION 12.02.2017   19:00 - 22:00



彼女の日本での生活は予期しない出来事に満ちていて、彼女はそれを全て写真で記録してきた。混乱と平穏と発見にあふれる視覚的な日記を率直さと勇敢さを持って「The Story I'd Like To Tell」と題した展示で公開する。12月1日より開催。



Anat Parnass is an Isreali born photographer who has lived in Tokyo for more than twelve years. She arrived in Japan via the MEXT scholarship program, going on to complete a Ph.D. at the Japan University College of Art. 

More impressive, she has lived a life in Japan full of unexpected twists and turns and documented it all along the way with her photography. With candor and bravery, she shares this visual diary full of chaos, calm and discovery in her exhibition "The Story I'd Like To Tell", starting December 1st. 

The images are raw, intimate and numerous. Parnass shares a broad range of personal visual information but leaves it to the viewer to find a story, whether it be hers or a narrative that gets provoked within the viewer. 

Projected in a dark gallery, this is an immersive experience into one woman's journey through love, violence, betrayals, loyalties, deaths, and life.

After graduating from Tel Aviv University with a BA in Japanese studies, Anat continued her studies at an art school, Camera Obscura, studying photography for two years. Parallel to her photography studies she worked at Haaretz newspaper. In April 2006, after receiving the MEXT scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education, she arrived in Japan. In 2013 she completed her PhD studies at the Japan University College of Art. Her Ph.D. thesis addresses the theme of contemporary women’s photography in Japan, in particular the so-called ‘Girls Photography Boom’ phenomenon, which took place during middle-end of the 1990s.
Her Masters degree from Nihon University College of Art as well, discussed the way photography reflects and expresses city’s landscape and atmosphere.